2020 Alcalde FAQs

2020 Alcalde Conference FAQs

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2020 Alcalde Southwest Leadership Conference Cancellation FAQs

Alcalde Registration

Cancellations and Refunds. All current Alcalde registrants are eligible to receive a full refund.

No action is required. Your registration will be transferred to the May 2020 virtual event. Any necessary cost differences will be refunded within the next 45 days. You will receive an email confirming your transferred registration once complete and a separate email notice confirming any applicable refund once processed.
You can register by May 10, 2020 online or via email. Visit the "Overview & Registration" tab of the Alcalde Conference website for details.
You may request a full refund by sending an e-mail to registration@tshp.org. Refund requests must be received by Wednesday, April 15. All refund requests will be processed within 45 days. All cancellation fees will be waived through this date.
Yes. You can send a request to registration@tshp.org to have your registration reinstated at the new rate. Reinstatement requests must be received by Friday, April 15. If after April 15, you must re-register before May 10, 2020.
There is no fee for preceptors to register for the virtual event but they must be registered to receive access.

If you selected “Yes” in the preceptor field of your original registration, your registration will be transferred and the fee will be refunded automatically within the 45-day processing timeframe for all refunds.

To confirm your preceptor status, you can reference your original registration email confirmation or send registration@tshp.org an email stating you are a preceptor and that they wish to transfer to the May 2020 virtual event. Your current registration will be notated and transferred to the May 2020 virtual event.

Alcalde Housing and Travel

Reservation Cancellations. Any reservation booked into the Moody Gardens room block will be cancelled automatically without penalty. Registrants who booked housing through other sources or directly with hotels must cancel their own reservations.

You should contact your carrier directly and follow their guidelines regarding the cancellation of flights.
The U.S. Department of Transportation issued enforcement notice clarifying air carrier refund requirements, given the impact of COVID-19.

Alcalde Platform Presenters

In accordance with the new virtual event dates, PowerPoint slides are now due May 8, 2020. See the Alcalde Conference website "Platform Presentations" tab for details.

Other Questions. All other questions should be directed to tshp@tshp.org.