Get Connected

Get Connected within the TSHP Community

"TSHP offers me the ability to collaborate with fellow peers within my institution, within my community, and within the great state of Texas. I enjoy having an online resource available to members with communities related to your specialty, which can be used to exchange thoughts or ask for feedback on a project from your peers at TSHP. Even though I have only been a member for a year, I am looking forward to being a lifelong member of TSHP and becoming more actively involved within my pharmay community."  – Tiffany B., Houston, TX

There are many ways to get connected within the TSHP community:

Attend Local Chapter Activities

TSHP’s 11 affiliated local chapters offer a variety of programs and activities to allow members to connect within their local pharmacy community. Activities include CE presentations, service projects, local annual seminars, and more!

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Attend a TSHP Event

TSHP offers a variety of events where you can network while gaining valuable information and CPE credits. These include the TSHP Annual Seminar and specialty seminars.

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Be a Part of a Section

TSHP has five sections that allow members to engage with pharmacy professionals in similar roles. The sections assist with planning education for section members in addition to providing feedback and assisting with the development of new member benefits.

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Become a Mentor or Mentee

The TSHP Mentorship Program creates opportunities for career and leadership develop. Members are invited to participate as mentors, mentees or both and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience found in mentoring relationships.

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Engage via TSHP Interact

TSHP Interact is a convenient online resource and community that helps you to stay informed on the latest hot topics and engage with colleagues to get the information you need to provide the best care to your patients! TSHP Interact also includes valuable resources and a directory of colleagues.

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Stay Current via TSHP Publications

TSHP keeps members current through the TSHP Bulletin and other newsletters, including TSHP Member Alerts, student newsletter, new practitioner newsletter, and the new TSHP Advocacy and Practice Update.

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