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Non-Member Profiles

Site Guest
Site Guest's have limited access to TSHP website and database functionality. This profile type does not allow for membership purchase. If you are interested in TSHP membership, please select one of the profile types above.

Member Profiles

Pharmacist profiles should be created by any licensed (active or retired) pharmacist. This includes practicing pharmacists and retired pharmacists. Includes local chapter membership.

New Practitioner
New Practitioner profiles should be created by individual who are within 5 years of graduation from a School or College of Pharmacy and is licensed or eligible for a license as a pharmacist. Includes local chapter membership.

Associate profiles should be created by non-pharmacists. The Associate profile type is intended for individuals working in the pharmacy fields who are NOT licensed to practice pharmacy and have no need of Continuing Pharmacy Education. Pharmacists (practicing or not) should register as the "Pharmacist" profile type. Includes local chapter membership.

Technician profiles are for individuals that are practicing technicians at a pharmacy facility or maintaining an active technician license. This profile type is also for individuals currently enrolled in a pharmacy technician education program. Includes local chapter membership.

Pharmacy Student
Pharmacy Student profiles should be created by individuals that are currently enrolled in a Texas School or College of Pharmacy. Additional option available for ASHP membership. Includes local chapter and SSHP membership.