About TSHP

About TSHP

The Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) is a dynamic professional membership association which serves Texas health-system pharmacy professionals dedicated to the mission, vision, core values, philosophy, soul, spirit, and motto of TSHP.

Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists is a strong and vibrant membership-driven society of pharmacists, technicians, students, and professional colleagues who advocate for optimized patient care, professional practice, and public health.

Leading the pharmacy profession by advancing patient care.

Core Values
Advocacy – Leadership – Community – Education – Research

Diversity Statement
TSHP values the diversity of its members and believes this is essential to achieving its mission and vision. A diverse membership brings vital perspectives to the organization. TSHP welcomes and appreciates the full spectrum of human differences, including age, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, family and socioeconomic status, disability, education level, professional level, and personal values and beliefs. Membership diversity promotes advancement of the practice of pharmacy and improves patient care by: (1) strengthening communication and the representation of our profession; (2) enriching our education and collegial interactions; (3) fostering our personal and professional growth and development; and (4) enhancing our awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of health care issues related to providing quality and equitable care to an increasingly diverse patient population.

  • TSHP membership will reflect the demographics of our profession.
  • TSHP will recruit members from diverse populations.
  • TSHP will provide an environment that encourages the identification and development of the talents of all members and provides leadership opportunities to everyone.
  • TSHP will plan activities at board meetings, regional conferences, annual seminars, and other functions that promote diversity and meet the needs of all of our members.
  • TSHP will provide education that helps pharmacy practitioners attain competency at providing care and services to a diverse patient population.
  • TSHP, through the TSHP R&E Foundation, will facilitate the conduct of research that focuses on the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population.

Ultimately, TSHP will create a climate in which everyone feels welcome and will be able to do his/her best work in pursuit of TSHP's mission and vision.

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