Member Recognition Program

Member Recognition (Award) Program

Help TSHP recognize outstanding members and pharmacy leaders
through our Member Recognition Awards Program

TSHP annually recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations within our community for excellence and a commitment to advancing healthcare and pharmacy practice in Texas. The awardees are selected by the TSHP Board of Directors based on nominations submitted by TSHP members.

Award Nomination Window: To be announced in Summer 2020 for 2021 Awards 

TSHP Awards are presented to and nominated by TSHP Members only. Self-nominations are NOT accepted for the following individual awards.

Presented to: The TSHP Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor the Society can bestow on an individual.

Award Criteria: An individual who has made significant contributions to the practice of health-system pharmacy is eligible for consideration for this award. Contributions to practice may be in the form of sustained exemplary service, an outstanding single achievement or a combination of accomplishments promoting and advancing pharmacy. Accomplishments may be in pharmacy practice, education or administration; research or development related to pharmacy; organizational activity; contributions to professional literature; improving the image of health-system pharmacy; interprofessional activities serving health-system pharmacy; or contributions in legislation related to pharmacy in organized healthcare settings.

Nominations Process: Individuals may be nominated by past recipients of the award, past presidents of TSHP, affiliated chapters of TSHP, the TSHP Board of Directors, or any group of ten pharmacist members of TSHP. Nominations must include a letter explaining why the individual is being nominated.
Presented to: Pharmacy Student (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates a commitment to the profession through service, practice, education or research.
Presented to: Pharmacy Industry Representative (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates professionalism, support for and participation in the programs of TSHP, leadership in pharmaceutical education and/or research and a commitment to safe, rational, economic drug therapy and healthcare.
Presented to: Department or other organized group of pharmacy professionals (Group)

Award Criteria: Provides patient care in a creative, interdisciplinary fashion. Director (or head of pharmacy services) must be a TSHP member. Must be nominated by a TSHP member outside of the group nominated. (Personal and facility information is redacted prior to selection of recipients.) Nominees should provide a document (typically 5 pages or less) describing your collaborative practice. Areas of information that could be included are: background, needs assessment (why this change/improvement was necessary), practice procedures, outcomes, and conclusion.
Presented to: Pharmacist (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates active involvement in the education and professional growth of pharmacy technicians and support staff. Must be nominated by a TSHP Technician Section member.
Presented to: Resident or Fellow (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates a commitment to the profession of pharmacy through service, practice, education, research and/or other activities. Includes a $500 stipend from the TSHP Research & Education Foundation.
Presented to: Pharmacist (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates exemplary patient care and exceptional relationships with other healthcare professionals.
Presented to: Technician (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates exemplary accomplishments which foster the advancement of patient care and/or the profession of pharmacy.
Presented to: Pharmacist (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates exceptional involvement in the creation of or participating in best practices relating to patient care. Licensed to practice within the last 5 years.
Presented to: Pharmacy Department Representative (Group)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates outstanding clinical and operational services for patients by implementing a program or demonstrating improvement of an organization’s performance that has a direct effect on the quality of care patients receive. One support letter from a member of the nominee’s organizational leadership is required. The letter should confirm the success of the clinical and or operational services the pharmacy department is providing. The application should also include supporting evidence for improvement in healthcare. This award recognizes an outstanding pharmacy department who exemplifies excellence in patient care.
Presented to: Pharmacist (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates leadership and vision in advancing the practice and profession and improving patient care.
Presented to: Pharmacist (Individual)

Award Criteria: Demonstrates active involvement in the professional growth and development of other pharmacy practitioners, residents, fellows or students as it relates to the provision of patient care.
Presented to: A pharmacy residency program that has a track record of excellence in the training of pharmacy residents and consistently provides an exceptionally positive and rewarding experience their residents.

Award Criteria: Programs should be ASHP-accredited, have a track record of having a positive influence on the careers of residency graduates, employ unique and innovative methods for teaching and quality improvement; provide an excellent practice environment for residency training and learning; and have an organized process for the development of excellent residency preceptors.