CAB Bond Memorial Research Grant

Chester A. (CAB) Bond Memorial Research Grant

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The CAB Bond Memorial Research Grant assists researchers in pursuing original research and worthwhile projects that result in improving health outcomes for Texans.

Grant Project Guidelines and Requirements

Grants must be within the scope of the objectives of the TSHP R&E Foundation. The Foundation does not make gifts to individuals, but to organizations which agree to serve as project and fiscal managers. Preference is given to TSHP Section and Component Members. However, if funding is available, grants from other organizations may also be considered.

Projects funded by grants must be within the mission and scope of the objectives of the TSHP R&E Foundation.

Projects should be research-oriented and follow the scientific method, with reportable outcomes. Priority will be given to projects that are research-oriented. Non-research-oriented projects will be considered for grant funding based upon the overall contribution to the professional and public benefit of the project. Projects that involve human research, as defined by HHS and FDA regulations (45 CFR 46 and 45 CFR 50), must first have been submitted to the local Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to submission of the grant request. Evidence of IRB submission (at-least) must be provided with the grant request. Evidence of IRB approval must be provided before funding will be sent to the grant awardee. Should IRB approval not be obtained by the awardee prior to submission and the approval be subsequently denied, the grant request and award will be void.

Grant awards will fund only qualified direct expenses, which include:

  • Travel or administrative overhead expenses required for the conduct of the project or presentation of its results.
  • Specialized equipment or materials necessary for conduct of the project which are not ordinarily available from the organization’s operational resources and which must be procured from an outside source.
  • Salary or wages for consultants outside of the organization’s employment whose expertise is required for conduct of the project.
  • Grant requests may be submitted to supplement project funding for qualified direct expenses which may be partially or not funded by the applicant organization or other parties (e.g., un-budgeted operational expenses, other grant awards, charitable donations).

Indirect costs not to be funded include internal organizational fees assessed for administration of the grant funds.

Grant Oversight and Acknowledgement Information:

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals, but to organizations which agree to serve as project and fiscal managers. Likewise, grant funds are only payable to organizations (e.g., hospital, college) and they must sign an acknowledgement letter for oversight of disbursement of the funds. Grant funds will not be distributed until a signed letter is received.

Upon awarding of a grant, the Foundation Board may, at its discretion as a condition of the award, specify requirements for reporting the results of the project upon its completion.

Upon notification of grant award approval, the sponsoring organization must provide a signed agreement for oversight of disbursement of the funds in accordance with Foundation guidelines prior to issuance of payment of the grant award by the Foundation.

For additional information, please contact:
TSHP R&E Foundation; 3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd, Ste 30A; Round Rock, Texas 78665-3920
(512) 906-0546 or

Grant Amount: $2,500


Application Window: October - December
Recipient Notification: February - March

Before applying, review information, requirements, and guidelines on this Overview tab and the Application Process tab, then click Apply.

2021 Grant Program

Application Window: October - December 2020
Recipient and All Applicant Notification:
February - March 2021

Grant Request Guidelines

Grant request and project must be in accordance with guidelines published annually for grant applications.

Grant request application must be received by the Foundation by the end of normal business hours on the posted deadline date. Grant requests received by the established deadline will be referred to the Grant Program Chair.

Additional information may be requested following receipt of the grant submission or prior to final Foundation Board of Directors' approval.

Request Requirements:

Limit to ten (10) pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, using 10-point or larger Times Roman or Arial font.

Proposal Title – The title should clearly identify the goal or objective of the project.

Proposal Summary – Clearly and concisely, in one paragraph, summarize the request and indicate the grant award amount requested.

Introduction - Clearly identify the following and provide contact information for all designated individuals and sponsoring organization:

The requesting organization and individuals involved in the project, as well as their qualifications and responsibilities.

  • The project supervisor and budget administrator with responsibility for conduct of the project, funds disbursement and communication with the Foundation prior to and following awarding of grant funding;
  • The organization which will receive the funding and all parties responsible for signing the award agreement; and the
  • Purpose of the Project - identify the needs to be met or problems to be solved by the project.

Objectives – State the project’s objectives and the measurable benefits to be gained by funding of the project.

Methodology – State the activities, as well as any statistical analysis methods, to be employed to achieve the project’s objectives.

Results/Outcomes – State the results and outcomes/benefits to be measured and how they will be reported.

Project Timeline – Provide a table of major project activities to be achieved from the beginning through the end of the project and its presentation, with date deadlines for all activities.

Budget – Delineate all direct costs to be funded by the grant award, as well as any additional funding sources provided by the applicant organization or other parties.


Request Evaluation and Judging

The Foundation’s President shall appoint an ad hoc committee to review the grant applications. The Grant Program Chair shall report the recommendation(s) of the committee to the Foundation Board of Directors for review and approval at the next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting.

Preference is given to organizations which are represented in the grant request by current TSHP Members. If funding is available, grant requests from organizations not represented by TSHP Members may also be considered.

Evaluations of grant requests shall be considered to be privileged information and generally will not be released to the public.

Evaluations of individual grant requests shall be retained in the records of the TSHP R&E Foundation and available for a period of up to six (6) months following the awarding of a grant.

Evaluations of individual grant requests may be provided only to the Principal Investigator upon written request:

  • Such request must be received by the Foundation office within six (6) months of the granting of an award.
  • Such request shall be reviewed and approved by the Foundation’s President.
  • Upon approval by the Foundation’s President, evaluations to be sent to the Principal Investigator shall be blinded so as to not reveal the names of the evaluators.

Before applying, review information, requirements, and guidelines on the Overview tab and this Application Process tab, then click Apply.

Who was Chester A. (CAB) Bond?

The Chester A. "CAB" Bond Memorial Research Grant Program honors an internationally renowned pharmacy educator and scholar. Dr. Bond was Professor of Pharmacy Practice and University Distinguished Professor for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), School of Pharmacy. During his career, he authored or co-authored over 140 articles and book chapters and received in excess of $1.2 million dollars in research funding.

He was honored eight times by the ASHP Research & Education Foundation for significant contributions to the literature in pharmacy practice. In 2001, he was the recipient of the TTUHSC President’s Distinguished Research Award. In 2005, he received the Russell R. Miller Award from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy for contributions that significantly advanced the clinical pharmacy literature. In 2007, he was named Distinguished Alumnus honoree by his pharmacy alma mater, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).

Beginning in the mid 1980’s until his death in June 2009, Dr. Bond conducted research that related pharmacist-provided clinical services with health and fiscal outcomes such as hospital costs, medication errors, adverse effects, etc. These papers have been described as “landmark” and his work on pharmacist-managed anticoagulation services and outcomes has been cited by The Joint Commission.

The grant program that bears his name assists pharmacist practitioners in hospitals and health systems, students, and faculty pursue original research and worthwhile projects that result in improving health outcomes for Texans.

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