Mentorship Program
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Mentorship Program

About the Program

The TSHP Mentorship Program creates opportunities for career and leadership development.

Mentors: Mentoring is a great way to give back to your profession and share your professional expertise and experiences with pharmacy students or new practitioners. For current faculty professionals, the program is a great opportunity to reach students outside of your school, expand your impact to future leaders, and transform patient care. 

Mentees: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience found in mentoring relationships from a variety of practice interest areas. These benefits include opportunities to gain another set of eyes on that ever-important CV or letters of intent, expand your personal network with lasting connections, and learn from those who have been there and can provide valuable or unique insight.

New Practitioner Participants (Pharmacists who have graduated within the past five years): Participate as a mentee and mentor by seeking a more experienced pharmacist to help reach a career goal or explore your career path options and by mentoring a pharmacy student.

Suggestions for building a successful one-on-one mentoring partnership:

  • Mentees are to contact their mentors within two weeks of matching and should provide their mentor a curriculum vitae or resume during this time period.
  • Together, the mentor and mentee should establish timelines, expectations, and goals.
  • The mentee should be led through a productive personal assessment: identifying strengths, weaknesses, skill development needs, career expectations, and objectives.
  • The mentor and mentee should develop a decision-making process for evaluating professional opportunities and expectations.
  • The mentee should contact their mentor once a month to provide status updates.
  • Both the mentor and mentee should receive and solicit feedback.


Questions?  Contact (512) 906-0546 or

Program Application Instructions:

  1. Read all requirements for your participant type(s). See tabs above.
  2. Download and read completely the Match Agreement and Tips Sheet(s).
  3. When the application window is open, click "Apply Now" to start the form. 

All participants will be notified via email of their matches by mid-October and will be required to make initial contact attempts by the end of October.

Participant Match Agreement
Mentor Tip Sheet
Mentee Tip Sheet

Mentor Requirements

Mentors must be a current Pharmacist Member of TSHP and be willing to actively participate in the TSHP Mentor Program.

Mentees could be either a Student Pharmacist or a New Practitioner Member. If you are willing to accept a New Practitioner as a mentee, please indicate be sure to check(✔) that box on your application form.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Introduce the mentee to research challenges and make suggestions of options and positive ways to achieve goals.
  • Provide guidance, encouragement, motivation, and support to the mentee in selecting and developing post-graduate goals and opportunities.
  • Maintain at least one monthly contact (call, text, or email) with the mentee.
  • Encourage at least one personal visit per year, via meetings for local chapters of TSHP, Annual Seminar, or other school functions.
  • Maintain confidentiality of personal information shared.
  • Acquaint the mentee with the mentor’s area of practice and discuss various curricular options whereby they can gain expertise in this area if desired.
  • Expand the mentee’s network of contacts with other pharmacists in the field if opportunities arise.
  • Identify resources to help the mentee enhance personal development and career growth.
  • Provide continuous advice and feedback.

Mentorship Program

The ideal mentor embodies the following characteristics:

  • Has strong interpersonal skills, is a good listener, and is able to establish a respectful, confidential mentoring relationship.
  • Committed to being a mentor and to making the mentoring relationship work.
  • Committed to the profession and to professional growth.
  • Sets high expectations for themselves and others.
  • Competent, experienced, and able to apply best practices in teaching.
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Mentee Requirements

Student Pharmacist Mentees must be in their P2-P4 year at an ACPE accredited Texas College of Pharmacy, a current TSHP Student Pharmacist Member, and be willing to actively participate in the TSHP Mentor Program.

New Practitioners Mentees must be a current TSHP New Practitioner (within five years of graduation) Member and be willing to actively participate in the TSHP Mentor Program. New Practitioner participants who wish to be matched with an experienced mentor must also agree to accept a pharmacy student mentee.

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Maintain confidentiality in personal information shared.
  • Inform the mentor of areas of interest in pharmacy.
  • Discuss ideas, goals, aspirations, and a plan of action/timeline with their mentor.
  • Respond to the mentor’s communication or messages, as well as initiate contact at least once per month (call, text, or email) with the mentor.
  • Pharmacy Students: Keep mentor apprised of courses taken each semester/quarter. Provide a copy of the course syllabus (if applicable/warranted) and let mentor know of changes in the academic program.
  • New Practitioners: Let the mentor help point you to references, resources, and opportunities to grow your expertise in areas that can contribute to your career path.
  • Be willing to discuss developmental problems and concerns as they occur with the mentor.
  • Seek feedback from your mentor and others regarding your strengths and additional developmental needs.
  • Work with your mentor to seek resources and opportunities for learning.
  • Look for opportunities to give back to the mentor; share any information that might be valuable.
  • Take full advantage of the opportunity to learn from the mentor.
  • Participate in mentor/mentee functions and activities.

The ideal mentee embodies the following characteristics:

  • Desire to be a mentee (being receptive to learning, developing a learning relationship with a mentor).
  • Receptive to the advice and counsel of the mentor.
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Thank You to our 2019-2020 Mentors!

Abimbola Farinde
Adam Brown
Alejandra Juarez
Alyssa Sinkov
Amanda Williams
Amy Schilling
Andy Wong
Ardath Mitchell
Austin De La Cruz
Baneen Khataw
Bonnie Dugie
Brett Noteware
Brittany Palasik
Casey Barrett
Chanin Wright
Christopher Murray
Christy Su
Claire Latiolais
Crystal Howell
Dakota Freudenberg
Divya Varkey
Dozie Dike
Elham Azali
Elizabeth Forster
Esther Chen
Evarista Inikori
Gloria Lee
Hanan Ismail
Hasanthi Vallabhaneni
Hoang Huynh
Hongmei Wang
Huda Razzack
Illiana Rangel
Jacy Malone
Jeena Connor
Jeff Sherer
Jennifer Navar
Jerry James
Jessica Gardea
Jessica Wooster
Jim Ziolkowski
Jordan Burdine
Justin Shanks
Justina Amie-Lipscomb
Kaitlin Tindel
Kaitlyn Jones
Kalyn Acker
Katie Morneau
Kelly Molina
Kelly Niemiec
Khanh-Hau Moss
Kirk Evoy
Lan Le
Latresa Billings
Laura Blackburn
Lauren Baskett
Loretta Lemoine
Maegan Whitworth
Mallory Gessner-Wharton
Mary Olumesi
Mary Young
Megan Anderson
Michael Pinon
Mike De Luna
Mohammad Adil
Mona Ellakany
Nephy Samuel
Niaz Deyhim
Norm Fenn
Paul Holder
Phuoc (Anne) Nguyen
Pooja Patel
R. Cole Knutson
Ran Xu
Regina L Ramirez
Richard Wong
Saeed Alzghari
Sarah Shanks
Sarah Stahlman
Scott Karpowicz
Shawn Gautreaux
Shraddha Kansagra
Sondra Davis
Stefani Gautreaux
Steven Knight
Steven Schultz
Sunaina Rao
Taryn Bainum
Taylor Koehrsen
Telyssa Anderson
Theresa Gerst
Thomas Thomas
Todd Connor
Uche Mbadugha
Ursula Tachie-Menson
Vincent Saenz
Yi Kee (Anke) Poon

TSHP Mentorship Program

First developed in 2010 with a small pool of passionate mentees and mentors, TSHP is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Mentorship Program. The program has grown over the years with many mentees now in administrative positions and leadership roles. Because of our members and strong pool of participants over the last 10 years, TSHP can continue to be #PharmacyStrong.

Where are they now?

Ten years later, hear from the first class of mentees.

"I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!  I was just talking about the TSHP Mentorship Program a few months ago and how glad I was to be a part of it. My first mentor is still a close friend and mentor!  Our paths were very similar: My mentor and I both attended UT Pharmacy School and the PGY1/2/MS admin residency at University of Kansas, and he helped in finding my first manager job in our local area! 

For me, being a mentee with TSHP has helped me in several ways:

  • Allowed me to connect with a mentor who completed a similar career path in pharmacy leadership that I was interested in.
  • Helped me to build my personal and professional network and these connections have continued thoughout my career.
  • Introduced me to someone who helped and provided great tips on how to stand out as a resident candidate. I was able to discuss my CV with him and he also wrote my recommendation letters.
My mentor/mentee relationship continued after pharmacy school as my mentor helped me find my first manager job when I completed residency. My mentor is a close friend who I still reach out to ten years later!"

Jerry James, PharmD, MS
Director of Pharmacy  |  DFW Area, TX
Mentee Class of 2010

Jerry James

"Being a part of the TSHP Mentorship Program has been a valuable experience for me to personally and professionally grow as an individual and a leader. My mentors help me to successfully navigate my journey. My way of giving back to my mentors and TSHP is that I have become a mentor to pay it forward to others. "

Phuoc Anh (Anne) Nguyen, PharmD, MS, BCPS
Pharmacy Manager  |  Houston, TX
Mentee Class of 2010  |  2019 TSHP Pharmacy Mentor Award

Anne Nguyen

"I owe my mentor a big debt of gratitude! He was an informatics pharmacist so he was able to explain, in great detail, about the job and how the work he did was greatly beneficial for not only the health-system, but for the patients as well—you could really tell he was proud of the work he did. I’m an Informatics Pharmacist now myself. It didn’t happen right away though. I graduated, completed a PGY1-residency, and became a clinical pharmacist, but always had our conversations in the back of my mind. Fast forward a few years, I gravitated toward work on an upgrade from EHR to Epic and became a Super User, because my mentor told me what was possible. When a position came open on the Epic build team I jumped at the opportunity. If I never signed up for the TSHP Mentorship Program, I don’t think I would be in the position I am in today. I want to tell my mentor, Thank You! "

Brett R. Noteware, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Pharmacist Informatics, Information Management  |  Tyler, TX
Mentee Class of 2010

Brett Noteware

2019-2020 Mentorship Program Participation

The 2019-2020 program participation window closed September 15, 2019. Matches were sent to all participants mid-October via the email provided in your application. If you did not receive your match email notice, please check your junk or spam email folder first, then contact for assistance.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the TSHP Mentorship Program (2020)

First developed in 2010 with a small group of passionate mentees and mentors, the TSHP Mentorship Program is celebrating its ten-year anniversary! The program has grown over the years with many mentees now in administrative positions and leadership roles. Because of our members and a strong pool of participants over the last ten years, TSHP can continue to be #PharmacyStrong.